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Pediatric Nursing

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Medical Schools & Nursing Colleges

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Medicine is a great human endeavour. Studying at medical schools or nursing colleges can be a path to developing self-knowledge and lead to a rich and varied career.

It is also academically demanding, very hard work and emotionally taxing. Each career path is a serious vocation.

This site aims to help you choose the right Medical courses or Nursing programs for you The articles in the left and right hand navigation bars offer general advice by geographic region whilst our medical programs article index contains a large range articles on a wide variety of courses and advice in general. Best of all we also offer a Free Student Enquiry service.

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Medical Schools

The starting point to becoming a doctor is entry to a medical school. Each of these schools is part of a university, but will also be linked to hospitals and GP Practices for medical learning, clinical teaching and scientific research. Find out about applying to medical schools. or Becoming a General Practitioner

Nursing & Midwifery

The focus of attention for a qualified nurse is the patient: not simply the condition from which he or she may be suffering, but the needs and anxieties which it may generate... including the pressures on family and friends. The mark of the professional is the ability to observe and assess what is happening with a patient at any one time and to select the most effective response.


There are a wide variety of career paths and speciality fields you can follow within the medical profession, from acupuncture to veterinary nursing. For a large selection of articles on these fields please visit our article index.


English Language Tests
As the international student market remains buoyant, Cambridge ESOL's Pamela Baxter explains why it's more important than ever to choose the right English language test.

Pediatric Nursing
Children's nursing can take you from intensive care of a new-born baby with breathing problems to looking after a six-foot-tall adolescent whose leg has been broken in a soccer match. For a career with variety consider Paediatric Nursing
Pharmacy Schools
Research and development have dramatically changed the role of pharmacy in patient treatment over the past fifty years. Today, the profession embraces the concept of pharmaceutical care: pharmacists are directly responsible for achieving definite outcomes which improve a patient's quality of life.

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Studying Medicine in the Caribbean
The quality of education in Caribbean medical schools varies greatly and students should carefully research the schools they are considering. An admissions officer gives potential students advice on questions to ask.

Radiology & Radiography
There are two types of radiographer: diagnostic and therapeutic. Both use high technology computerised equipment and need considerable knowledge of technology, anatomy, physiology and pathology to carry out their work. Diagnostic radiographers produce and interpret high-quality images used in the diagnosis of injury and disease. Therapeutic radiographers plan and deliver prescribed treatments using X-radiation and other radioactive sources.
Chiropractic Schools
Are you a person who likes to care for and support others? Are you contemplating a career in one of the health care professions but can't make up your mind which? Chiropractic could be just the job!
Free Student Enquiry service
Medical Schools & Nursing Colleges Worldwide offers a Free Student Enquiry service that assists anyone in the process of researching school, college, university or course related information whilst pointing them in the direction of institutions that are currently offering Medical (and related) or Nursing programs and courses.
How does this service work?
  1. You answer a simple set of questions.
  2. We arrange for you to receive application forms, admissions information and prospectuses directly from Medical Schools or Nursing Colleges.
  3. You select the institution thats right for you.
  4. You get accepted

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IELTS was the only test I needed

Medical University Plovdiv

The University of Edinburgh - College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine

Curtin International College

The Anglo-European College of Chiropractic

Study Advisor

St George's University

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Pharmacy Schools

Pharmacy Schools - Are they for you?

Pharmaceutical Careers in the USA

Pharmaceutical Sales

IELTS was the only test I needed


Radiology Education - What does a radiographer do?

Why should I become a radiographer?


Chiropratic Colleges in the USA

Chiropractic Schools in the UK

Chiropractic Careers


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