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Complete University Guide: Top UK universities for medicine revealed
April 28, 2015  |
Lucy Miller

The best places to study medicine in the UK have been revealed in the Complete University Guide 2016.


The number one medical course is tied, with both the University Oxford and the University of Cambridge scoring 100%.


Cambridge has higher entry requirements (627 UCAS points) than Oxford (594), but the latter wins with a student satisfaction rating of 4.63/5 compared to Cambridge’s 3.9.


In third place is the University of Cardiff, with a 98.5% overall score, and the rest of the top five is made up of University College London (97.9%, pictured) and Imperial College London (97.9%).


All of the 34 universities that offer medicine score highly – which is reassuring both for students studying medicine in the UK and members of the public that are receiving medical care.


At the bottom of the table is the University of Central Lancashire – which still has an impressive 89.2% score.


The top ten medical courses in the UK are at:

1. Oxford

2. Cambridge

3. Cardiff

4. University College London

5. Imperial College London

6. Queen Mary, University of London

7. Edinburgh

8. Glasgow

9. Newcastle

10. Keele


The high quality of all medical courses is testament to the importance UK universities place on training future medical professionals. To find out more about medical courses in the UK click here.

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