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International Nurses Day celebrated around the world
May 12, 2015  |
Lucy Miller

Nurses perform incredibly valuable, life-saving work across the world every day – and since 1974 12th May has been the annual day to recognise their worth.


ThinkstockPhotos-104308051Events have been taking place to celebrate International Nurses Day (which by no coincidence is also the birthday of nursing pioneer Florence Nightingale), in countries across the world today.


This 12th May is the 41st International Nurses Day, and those involved in the profession have been posting their messages of support to the Nurses’ Day 2015 event on Facebook, using the hashtag #WhyINurse.


Reasons range from “my role enables me to give children with cancer and their families the time they deserve” to “because the patients change my life just as much as I change theirs” and “to aspire to be like the people who looked after my mum.”


The Royal Colleges of Nurses will be hosting a twitter chat @NurChat from 7pm today (GMT), using the same hashtag.


Of course, whilst student nurses and supporters of the nursing profession have rightfully been using the day to recognise the value of the profession, the majority of nurses have been doing just that – nursing the sick, as they do every day.


This is the main reason for nurses worldwide being applauded today – the work that they put in, tirelessly and without complain, and the life-changing affect that it can have on their patients.


If you’re considering a career in nursing or want to learn more about what it takes to become a student nurse, visit our nursing page here.


Happy International Nurses Day!

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