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Revealed: The best and worst cities in the world for health security
May 26, 2015  |
Lucy Miller

ThinkstockPhotos-162707157The best places in the world in terms of healthcare have been revealed in a new poll.


The Safe Cities Index, developed by the Economist’s Intelligence Unit (EIU), has found that Zurich in Switzerland is the best equipped city in terms of health security.


This takes in factors such as the number of beds available for in-patients, number of doctors per 1,000 people and overall life expectancy.


It’s not good news for India, though – Mumbai comes at the bottom of the list, meaning that falling sick there could have bad consequences.


The Indian city scored just 45.31/100 for quality of healthcare, in comparison to Zurich’s 79.05.


Mumbai is a so-called “mega-city”, with more than 20 million inhabitants, and also features in the bottom half of the overall Safe Cities Index 2015 when all other factors – including the likelihood of cyber crime, technological connectedness and sanitation as well as more traditional safety factors such as personal safety and pollution – are taken into account.


In contrast, Zurich has a population of 380,000 – meaning that many of the issues faced by a large city in an emerging market, which Mumbai is, are simply not faced.


Singapore, often seen as a global leader in quality healthcare, is 12th on the list, due to a relatively low number of beds and doctors per 1,000 people.


Europe is well represented in the top ten, with six cities – Zurich, Brussels, Frankfurt, Paris, Barcelona and Stockholm – named.


Vivien Carli, co-author of Practical Approaches to Urban Crime Prevention, a report published in 2011 by the International Centre for the Prevention of Crime, says that in megacities “Just providing basic security such as policing is becoming very difficult” and that meeting the needs of migrants who flock to these cities takes resources that the cities can’t provide.


She adds: “In developed countries you have money going into healthcare. In most megacities there’s nothing like that—it’s chaos.”


The top ten best performing cities in the world for health security are:


1. Zurich

2. New York

3. Brussels

4. Frankfurt

5. Paris

6. Osaka

7. Barcelona

8. Tokyo

9. Taipei

10. Stockholm

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