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The UK’s 35 medical schools, ranked by reputation and prospects
May 26, 2015  |
Lucy Miller

If you're considering studying medicine in the UK, you’ll want to check out the Guardian’s newly released subject ranking – which names the University of Cambridge as the best place in the country to hone your medical skills.


Prime Minister David Cameron Visits Cancer Research UK's Cambridge Research InstituteIn a not entirely unpredictable result, Cambridge came out top of the 35 institutions in the country that offer medical training.


This is based on the success of two courses: MB and BChir (hons) medicine.


Cambridge was also number one in the overall university ranking table, which took into account factors such as entry requirements, student/staff ratio, and the likelihood of a career having begun six months on from graduation.


In second place in the medical school ranking was Oxford, followed by University College London (UCL), the University of Dundee (which is 38th in the table overall), Queen Mary (joint 38th overall) and Keele (42nd overall.)


All the UK’s medical schools, listed in order according to the Guardian’s ranking, are below. Four institutions – Durham, Lancaster, Bangor and Buckingham – were classed as not applicable so don’t feature.


1. Cambridge

2. Oxford

3. UCL

4 = Dundee

4 = Queen Mary

6. Keele

7. Aberdeen

8. Imperial College

9. Cardiff

10. St Andrews

11. Exeter

12. Edinburgh

13. Plymouth

14. Newcastle

15. Brighton Sussex Medical School

16. Leeds

17. Manchester

18. Swansea

19. Glasgow

20. Southampton

21. Birmingham

22 = Hull York Medical School

22 = Nottingham

24. East Anglia (UEA)

25. Leicester

26. Bristol

27. Queen’s, Belfast

28. St George’s, University of London

29 = Sheffield

29 = King’s College London

31. Liverpool

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