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Why study at a medical college in India?

India is a vibrant, exciting and developing destination in which to be an international student. Its medical schools are highly accredited, have excellent facilities and mostly offer qualifications accepted around the world.
Medical degree programs normally take five years to complete, meaning international students can get a medical degree from India in a shorter time frame than many Western countries.

What medical programs are offered in India?

You can study medical programs in India at both public and private institutions. The quality of study varies, so it’s important to choose a reputable institution with positive feedback from international students.

Your course will be split between academic study in the medical sciences and clinical experience in hospitals and practices.
It is also important to have some knowledge of local languages – this might vary depending on the area of India you choose to study in.

Immigration and visas in India

Indian student visas are issued for the duration of your study at a medical college up to a maximum of five years. In order to qualify for a student visa, you will need to demonstrate the following:
  • You have a confirmed place on a course at a recognised education institution
  • You are not already in the country on a tourist or business visa
  • You have paid all relevant visa fees
You can apply for a student visa either at your national Indian embassy or online. Student visas are multiple entry but do not allow you to work while in India. Students with spouses will be able to apply for a spousal visa for their partner to join them.

What are the costs of studying at a medical college in India?

Tuition fees at private India medical colleges are often cheaper than many European institutions. You should expect to pay around £7,000 per year of study in tuition fees, although this can be considerably cheaper at public universities.

One area you will save is in living costs, with rent, food and transport all relatively cheap compared to other nations.

Working in India

India is one of the world’s few growing economies, with a competitive job market and attracts many high flying international graduates looking to develop their skills in a new country or take advantage of India’s rapid growth.

If you are planning on applying for work in India after your medical program you will need to get an employment visa. The requirements for getting a work permit are loose, so check with your embassy or potential employer for details.

Growing industries in India include telecommunications, media, banking and energy, while traditionally strong employment areas include textiles, pharmaceuticals and medicine.

What to do next

If you would like more information on choosing and applying for to a medical college in India, sign up to our Free Application Service. We’ll get in touch with you with information tailored to your requirements, including advice on the best medical program for you.