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Why study at a medical college in France?

Studying medicine in France isn’t easy. French medical education is extremely rigorous and many students fail exams throughout the course. In order to even get into a French medical college you will have to pass a stringent entrance exam and pass a language test.
However, passing these tests and gaining a medical qualification from a French medical college guarantees you a quality and respected qualification. You’ll be in demand around the world and you’ll also become fluent in French.

What medical programs are offered in France?

You can study for a number of medical specialisations in France, alongside the standard medical program. What differentiates the French system from others is the strictness of entry. For example, students take the concours, an end of year exam after the first year of medical science study. From this, only 10-15% of students progress onto the second year.

The upshot of this is the guarantee of quality a French medical degree gives you.

Immigration and visas in France

EU citizens are permitted to study at a medical college in France providing they fulfil the following:
  • Are studying in France for more than three months.
  • Are enrolled at an accredited university or institution.
  • Have proof of sufficient funds to cover your graduate program in France for its duration.
  • Have health insurance cover.
Non-EU students will need to apply for an extended-stay student visa, with residency permit (VLS-TS).

When a VLS-TS visa is issued, students will be given an official form that they must present to the French office of immigration and integration (OFII).

A VLS-TS holder must, upon arriving in France, send to the OFII by registered mail (return receipt requested):
  • The official form received from the consulate that issued the visa.
  • A copy of passport pages showing the visa holders identity and the stamp indicating entry into France (or into the Schengen area).
You can find out more about visas at Campus France.

What are the costs of studying at a medical college in France?

Different medical programs in France will have different tuition fees. The cost will largely depend on whether you choose to study at a public university or a private one. As a guide, you should expect tuition fees at private universities to cost around €450 per year. Private institutions are much more expensive, with tuition fees around €7,000 per year.

Working in France

EU passport holders are entitled to work in France without needing a visa under the terms of the EU. France has a thriving economy and international business presence, particularly within Europe and North Africa.

If you want to work as a doctor in France, you’ll need to be fluent in French. EU nationals are able to move freely around the EU without need for a visa, so may find it easier to secure medical roles in France than non-EU citizens.

What to do next

If you would like more information on choosing and applying for to a medical college in France, sign up to our Free Application Service. We’ll get in touch with you with information tailored to your requirements, including advice on the best medical program for you.